Field Trips

The Southern California Paleontological Society offers monthly field trips to collect fossils, visit museums, or tour locations of scientific importance!


If you plan to attend a field trip please RSVP the leader of that specific trip at least one week before the expedition. Some trips, such as visits to Shark Tooth Hill, are very popular and are first come first serve so responding ASAP is recommended. Field trips are often the second Saturday of the month. However, there are exceptions so please check the dates well in advance! August and December do not have field trips to accommodate hot weather and the holiday season.

Upcoming Trips

November 10, 2018 – WHITE WHALE QUARRY AND FOX QUARRY- Led by Lisa and Sean Tohill. Tour of the whale, dolphin, and porpoise fossils found at White Whale Quarry, and light digging (No heavy tools) at Fox Quarry. Strictly members only! Limited spaces available. *Please note, you need to be informed of Valley Fever. Contact person, Jennifer Kerr:

January 12, 2019 – PINE MOUNTAIN SAND DOLLARS-Led by David Mautz, geologist. Contact person: Jennifer Kerr: CANCELLED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER.

January 19, 2019-CHIVO CANYON FOSSILS, SIMI VALLEY-Led by David Mautz-Pliocene and Eocene marine fossils: gastropods, bivalves, sand dollars, sea urchins, nautiloids. Contact person: Jennifer Kerr:

February 16, 2019- MARBLE MOUNTAINS-TRILOBITES-Led by Drs. Ann and Ed Platzer. Contact person: Ed Platzer:

March 9, 2018- EMIGRANT PASS, NOPAH RANGE-TRILOBITES- Led by Jennifer Kerr. Contact person: Jennifer Kerr:

April 26, 27, & 28, 2019 – FOURTH ANNUAL UTAH FIELD TRIP- TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: TRILOBITES, POSSIBLY AMMONITES,  PETRIFIED WOOD, AND VIEWING OF DINOSAUR TRACKS. Led by Stephen Mulqueen, geologist.  Contact person: Stephen Mulqueen: by April 21, 2019 at the very latest.  MEMBERS ONLY!